Dedicated to Alfie 2006 - 2010

Dedicated to Alfie 2006 - 2010
Dedicated to Alfie 2006 - 2010. Our Alfie was attacked and killed by poaching dogs from the farm across the road on 28 November 2010

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We are getting snowed in here on the farm.  It has been snowing since about 2 am and now its time to sit in front of the fire and keep warm. There's no real reason to get dressed up and so we are in our pyjamas!

The cats are buried under blankets near the fire, which makes perfect sense.  We are fortunate that our electricity is still on but it may go out as it usually does when we get snow.  Our Eskom team are really great when there's damage to the lines and they spare no effort in trying to get things up and running.

Keep warm everyone.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


The telephone lines have been stolen yet again. The third time in two months. These wires are being sent, probably to China and are coming back here in hi-tech consumer products and Chinese cars! The wires have gone from where they were replaced a few days ago opposite Puckety Farm to the old Post Office building right in front of the Underberg school.  I suppose if one wants to know more about Telkom one should look at the DSTV History Channel.

Friday, July 20, 2012


I must apologise for the problem caused by the "Privacy" logo on the site.  It suddenly decided that it was the carrier of viruses.  I have removed it from this site so you should not have a "warning " when you enter the site. I do assure you that any information on this site remains here and is NEVER passed on to any third party.  I do not ask for your personal details as this site is for your entertainment and interests only.

Many thanks.  Rob Stayt

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hi folks.

A huge apology for the long delay in posts.  Many things have happened since the last post.  Actually things are not that bad so there is no need to play the Last Post as we are well and happy.  We are keeping warm during these chilly days with the help of a nice old fashioned cast iron fireplace and a heater or two.  The cats help in a big way with the "keep warm project" and spend their nights at the foot of our bed.  It is quite amazing just how much space two little cats take up on a double bed!

A time comes when your number is up!  About five weeks ago my number was called and I managed to get my left thumb sliced up in the circular saw.  Working with machinery and getting too familiar with them, the inevitable will happen.  ZAP! And I was another statistic in the "SAWN THUMB" fraternity.  I had quite a time getting this damn thumb sown up as the doctor was away, the paramedics were not confident to sew it up and the vet does not take our medical aid.  So off to Howick hospital I drove, thumb pointing up and wondering just how much pain I was in for.  The Doctor there was great and I returned home with a sleeping, stitched thumb.  However....... my thumb woke up and, oh boy, the pain!  I definitely felt my heartbeat, thump, thumb, thump, thumb...... The lesson?  Do not try this at home.  In fact do not try this anywhere.  And, machine safety guards are there for a reason!  So the woodwork is on hold for a while until the thumb is healed and the machine guards are in place.

Well now.  Liz has been to East London to spend time with her sister.  I and the cats kept the home fires burning, so to speak, while she was away.  WE DID SURVIVE!  And now Liz is home and all is well, except for the cold, that is.

Our little Duiker doe spent most of yesterday sitting in our garden as the wind was howling and she wanted to be sheltered.  She is such a pretty little girl and we are so privileged to have her with us.  I see her almost every day.  Last week I had a visitor to show me the telecom stuff that he sells and he was somewhat excited to see her in the garden.

Our telephone line was finally stolen four weeks ago and so it has been cellphones and not much contact with the outside world.  On Thursday evening the phone started to work but last night I think the line got blown away by the wind.  We are getting a phone that works off the cellular system sharing all service provider's equipment but with much lower call costs.  The phone costs R99-99 +vat per month and there is no contract, no set-up fees and no installation costs.  So if we don't like it we just give them 1 month's notice and they come and take it away.  I am also thinking of being an agent for this company in this area.  The nice thing bout this phone is that it is completely separate from anything and I can take it to the loo or put it next to the bed or take it with me to town!